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About BK

BK Physio Therapy and Pilates Therapy delivers modified Pilates on principles of APPI teaching as a form of movement therapy for the prevention and treatment of many musculoskeletal injuries. The importance of core training and strengthening has been well researched and its positive results documented in many areas that BK Pilates Therapy covers, such as:
  • Spinal Stabilization following an episode of low back pain, neck pain or in postural and structural scoliosis
  • Sports Performance
  • Ante/Postnatal 
  • Continence
BK Pilates Therapy runs a spectrum of modified Pilates classes at different levels, from beginners to advanced and it is a part of rehabilitation or an adjacent to athletes training.Apart from running Pilates classes, BK Pilates Therapy runs ante and postnatal and continence workshops. Click here to find out more.

Where are the classes run?

New group class is now run in Zollikon Yoga Zentrum! For more information go to Types of classes / Group Classes and contact BK for an enrolment.

Based on the Gold Coast in Zurich in Switzerland classes are also run at client’s home, work place or a gym providing an appropriate space is available. 

Previously, BK Pilates Therapy run corporate Pilates classes in Geneva where BK was first founded. For example, BK Pilates Therapy has been running classes at the International Telecommunications Unit (ITU) since 2010. There are 3 Pilates classes run on ITU each at different levels of ability and some classes include the use of small equipment such as gym balls, soft balls, weight balls and magic circles. In 2014, BK Pilates Therapy started running High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at the ITU also.

Some of our previous venues include HSBC, Gestrust SA in Geneva and Mobi-Physio physiotherapy cabinet in Nyon.

Click here to book your class at your venue.