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BK speaking at the APPI Conference November 2016

The APPI Pilates Conference 2016 is around the corner! 

Which sessions are you attending?

This is one of a series of emails releasing details on your Pilates Conference Presenters and the sessions they'll lead.

Our goal is to unite the Pilates community with a range of practical workshops and lectures featuring world respected Pilates educators, delivered by leading surgeons, allied health professionals and fitness instructors.

Biljana Kennaway

APPI Master Trainer


Post Natal Return to Pilates and Sports

This workshop will outline physiological changes in the postpartum period and discuss the abdominal and pelvic floor recovery following childbirth. An important part of recovery and return to sport is to understand and consider natural healing times esp. of the pelvic floor trauma, tears and elongated and weakened abdominals. With this in mind, this workshop aims to enhance our reasoning for selecting the right modified Pilates exercises, motivate new mothers to commit to exercise whilst overcoming known barriers to exercise during this childbearing period...

Biljana will be speaking at APPI Conference on 20th November 2016 in London about pelvic recovery post childbirth and return to high impact sports.

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