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BK Pilates Therapy team

                                             Biljana Kennaway

Biljana gained BSc in Physiotherapy in 2002 in London and has been a member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy since. She has over a decade of clinical experience in private practice as well as the UK’s National Health Service and have specialised in pelvic obstetric and gynaecological physiotherapy. She is fully certified instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and a Master Trainer in Women’s Health Pilates (pre/post natal and continence) with 10 years of experience in running modified Pilates in different settings. She is an Affiliate Member of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Pelvic, Obstetrics and Gynaecological Physiotherapy in the UK.

Before specializing in women’s health, Biljana mainly worked within musculoskeletal teams of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Queen Mary’s and Imperial College Hospitals in London. Some other areas of her clinical experience include paediatrics, orthopaedics, burns, cardiorespiratory, HIV, neurology. 

Biljana is passionate about research and you will often find her reading new research articles or hear her appraising them and incorporating that evidence in her practice. While working full time in London she has been a part of a research team at the Imperial College on a project on spinal rehabilitation following surgery.

      Apart from her rehab background, Biljana worked for Maternally Fit as a fitness instructor in London for almost 3 years, running fitness training for expectant mothers at different levels. At the same time she was  passionate about the value of Pilates and its therapeutic effects for pre/post natal recovery and for the treatment of issues related to continence and other post natal problems. Through Pilates principles and movement therapy Biljana prepares expectant mothers for the effects of labour and birth, as well as the recovery of their core muscles and the pelvic floor following delivery. 

After 7 years of working as a consultant and Pilates instructor in the Geneva region where Biljana was providing home-based services as well as group classes at corporate and NGO offices, she is now based in Zurich and is also managing Mobi-Physio, Zurich branch.

Biljana also works as a presenter/lecturer for APPI, teaching all levels of modified Pilates in the UK and internationally. In 2015, APPI Pilates method for rehabilitation has been recognised by Physio Swiss and Biljana is delivering that certification as a postgraduate formation at Haute Ecole de Sante in Geneva, in English and in French.

Biljana continues to learn and train in Pilates through some of the most respected Pilates teachers internationally. Apart from a strong rehab based teaching that APPI provides, Biljana has also found an inspiration in Michael King's Pilates method.

Jennifer McKibbin

Jennie gained BSc in Health Fitness from Springfield College Massachusetts and qualified at St Thomas' Hospital School of Physiotherapy in London 1991.

Her postgraduate clinical experience started in Barnet Hospital, London where she worked within the variety of clinical settings. In 1993 Jennie moved to Geneva, Switzerland where she has been working for Hopital Cantonal Universitaire de Geneve (HUG) mainly within the areas of rheumatology, neurology and general medicine. In 2005 Jennie opened her own cabinet in Vesenaz, Geneva and shared her clinical time between her cabinet and community physiotherapy where she particularly excelled (too much demand for her admirable physio and people skills). It wasn't a surprise to learn that Jennie's latest professional combo involves managing domicile caseload, Pilates and working at the HUG where she still has a strong tie. 

Jennie played an important role in establishing APPI courses in Switzerland through Physio Swiss and is assisting running the courses at the HEDs. She's inspiring physio and passionate Pilates follower.

Sibyl de Peic

Sibyl is the only non-physio member of our Swiss BK Pilates Therapy team who devoted her time to practice, learn and then change lives of many women who attend her classes at the UN. She continues to teach the classes in the UN and also by a Swiss lake in the summer. She is a multiple water-ski champion and is a very fast and technical skier on the slopes too. In her classes you will be doing many Pilates moves in standing and with Pilates circle. Sibyl runs her classes in English, French and Spanish.