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Why BK

Why is BK Pilates Therapy different to other Pilates places? 

  • Professional expertize – all 1:1 classes are run by fully certified Pilates Instructors and experienced physiotherapist(s) with medical knowledge of conditions and injuries affecting movement. 
  • Posture and Movement Analysis - before your initial session, we take detailed musculoskeletal and movement assessment.
  • Personal Progression – Our goal is to help you reach your goals through the programme that is specifically designed for you. Progress is evaluated by outcome measures taken on regular basis.
  • Modifications – in a group class, you will receive a personal attention and corrections throughout your workouts because we pay attention to precision and individual differences.
  • Team work - we value team work to help you reach your goals, so we will be getting in touch with other professionals who care for you -  (personal trainers, doctors, osteopaths, midwives …) 
  • All classes are fun – weather 1:1 or a group class you are guaranteed a fun, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable hour which benefits you will feel after just few sessions.